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When you drive a car you rely on the car dashboard to monitor the real-time performance of the car. Major parameters like engine temperature, fuel indicator, car speed etc are essential for the driver to know for a safe ride. The car dashboard helps the driver or the car owner to take corrective actions before anything serious happens to the car.

Similarly, each business owner needs a business 360-degree dashboard to monitor the business’s important KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators) in real time. The ideal situation would be if the business owner can not only view this dashboard from anywhere from any smart device but also get proactive warnings whenever a KPI crosses a threshold limit. 

Business KPIs which are important for business owners are:

  • Cash flow projections
  • Collection efficiency 
  • Sales target vs Achievements
  • Accounts receivable ageing
  • Inventory Ageing
  • Expense analysis

Now, the question comes “Is it possible to do so?”

The answer is YES – but SMEs normally don’t have BI (Business Intelligence) skills to build these proactive dashboards. Hiring permanent employees to do so, not only is expensive but also retaining these skills a big challenge. So it is better to hire a BI consultant for a few months and get the project completed.

The next question “What is the capital investment required for this project?”

The answer is – NO Capital Investment! There is no need for capital investment by SME owners. Syum has already invested in all the necessary infrastructure on the cloud to provide the entire solution in OPEX mode, which is called AaaS (Analytics as a Service).

 “How does it work?”

The client has to dump its data from ERP or Tally to a desktop which is located on its premises and inside the company’s firewall. Rest will be automated by Syum and dashboards will be automatically updated on daily basis.

 “How much does it cost?”

It depends on what all KPIs one SME wants to monitor and how often – real-time, once a day/week/month. You can call us at 022-26302582 for more details.

“Can I know more about it?”

Yes – we conduct regular workshops on this topic and you can always register by clicking

“What’s the next step?”

Please send a mail to or call us at 022-26302582 to take this forward.