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                           Introduction to Data Science: Business Analytics with R


Business Analytics (BA) is an iterative and methodical exploration of an organization’s data, with emphasis on statistical analysis. As an organization move in the direction of data-driven decision making, BA is being widely used by organizations.


BA rests if three pillars of domain understanding, analytical skill (statistics) and software for data crunching. For the purpose of this course, the software for data crunching is R. R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. R-Language is widely used among statisticians and data miners. One reason for the popularity of R is that it is not programming intensive like Python and Java and can be learned by aby, serious learners.


The objective of this workshop is to develop skills and knowledge to bring to light insight contained in data. The program also aspires to help participants gain an understanding of the tools and techniques of data science. The course is the crystallization of our experience in using R (for over 10 years) and training hundreds of people on R. It is specially designed for people who are not great with programming and want to enhance their Business Analytics Skills.


The workshop is a weekend program and is spread over 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. We have kept the batch size small, 5 participants per batch. The workshop will have a rich mix of theory and hands-on learning – we believe data science can only be learned by doing. By the end, of course, the participants will be comfortable working with R – get data into R, carry out data manipulation and visualization. The participants will be exposed to t-test, NHST, chi-square test, regression, and ANOVA.


Day1                                                                      Day2

R and R Studio                                                    Issues with Data

Data Types and Scales of Measurements         EDA Graphs With ggplot

Data Objects                                                       t.test

Data Handling With DPLYR                               Chi-Square Test

Working with Dates                                            Regression

Working with Strings                                          Anova


Venue: Syum Technology, Crystal Paradise, Andheri West

Batch Size: 5

Fee: Rs 20,000/- plus GST Per Participant

Contact : (022-26302582,

Syum Technology is over a decade old in the business of corporate training. We are active collaborators with CII in skilling India. Rana who will be faculty for the course is one of the early adaptors of R and has experience of over 10 years in using R and training people on R. Multiple project executions and hundreds of training has helped us develop our own unique method to impart R training. We know the challenges that the participants will face in learning R; we have ensured that training will be content-rich and there will be lots of hands-on sessions and abundant in-class help.

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